Watch Kate Bush’s stunning new video for live version of ‘And Dream Of Sheep’

To accompany upcoming live album 'Before The Dawn'

Kate Bush has shared a video of the live version of ‘And Dream Of Sheep’ ahead of the release of her upcoming live album ‘Before The Dawn’.

The live album, named after the tour and to be released on Friday (November 25), will be split into three acts: seven greatest hits, a selection from ‘Hounds of Love’, and a final suite of songs from ‘Aerial’. She has previously shared a live version of ’King of the Mountain’ from the album.

Bush’s 2014 residency at Hammersmith Apollo marked the first time the singer has performed live since 1979 – the year of her only prior tour which also took place at the Apollo.

‘And Dream Of Sheep’ originally appeared on Bush’s 1985 album ‘Hounds of Love’. The new vocals were recorded at Pinewood Studios while Bush was swimming in a water tank where the video was filmed.

During the filming of the video, Bush contracted hypothermia, having to take a day off before completing the video shoot. The video was later projected at Bush’s London gigs. Watch below.

Kate Bush – And Dream of Sheep (Live) – Official Video

This is a special piece of film to accompany the release of the live single ‘And Dream Of Sheep’. The vocal was performed live while filming Kate lying in the huge water tank at Pinewood Studios. This was to create a sense of realism, as the character in the song is lost at sea.

Bush recently sat down with BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt for her first interview in five years. During the discussion she revealed that she “was really nervous every night” of the tour.

She continued; “The thing that I think was the most difficult thing for me was to be continually in the now. Because I naturally tend to race ahead in my mind. I’m always thinking about situations and running them through.”

“Maybe it’s kind of that primeval thing where you’re trying to think, ‘Can I get to that tree before the tiger gets me? Will I be able to get up high enough?’ So my head is always moving ahead to try to get to the conclusion of whatever this journey is,” she added. “And once we started running the show, I had to be absolutely in that moment. And I was so terrified that if my mind wandered off, that when I cam back I wouldn’t remember where I was [in the song].”

You can see the ‘Before The Dawn’ tracklisting below.

‘Before the Dawn’ tracklist:


Hounds of Love
Top of the City
Never Be Mine
Running Up That Hill
King of the Mountain


Astronomer’s Call (Spoken monologue)
And Dream of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking the Witch
Watching Them Without Her (dialogue)
Watching You Without Me
Little Light
Jig Of Life
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog


An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between
Tawny Moon
Among Angels