Will Kate Bush tour again or release new material?

The 'Hounds Of Love' icon speaks out in a rare interview

Kate Bush has spoken out about whether or not she’ll tour again or release new music soon in a rare interview.

The ‘Hounds Of Love’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ icon performed live for the first time in 35 years in 2014 with her sell-out ‘Before The Dawn’ residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. A live album of the shows is set for release, with ‘The KT Fellowship’ coming on 25 November.

Now, in a rare interview with BBC 6 Music, Bush has told Matt Everitt about the experience – and her plans for the future.


After revealing that she was ‘really nervous every night’, she replied to the call to play live again in the future: “The thing about that show is that a lot of the material was already, most of the material, was already written. And to start something like that from scratch is another whole world of work isn’t it. I don’t know. It was an extraordinary thing to be involved in, especially to have got the response that we did. It was wonderful for everybody involved in the show to get that kind of positive feeling every night.

“It was really magical. But I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Definitely do something. I want to just do something new. I’ve been working with this project for a really long time now.”

When asked if she was working on new material, Bush replied: “I haven’t written a song for ages. I haven’t been writing.”

But when pushed to see if she had released her final album and ‘The KT Fellowship’ marked ‘a full stop’, she said: “Oh no, I don’t think so. I think it’s just a rather big comma.”

Earlier this year, Bush again broke her usual silence to pay a heartfelt tribute to her friend and collaborator Prince.


“I am so sad and shocked to hear the tragic news about Prince,” she wrote. “He was the most incredibly talented artist,” she wrote. “A man in complete control of his work from writer and musician to producer and director. He was such an inspiration. Playful and mind-blowingly gifted. He was the most inventive and extraordinary live act I’ve seen. The world has lost someone truly magical. Goodnight dear Prince.”


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