Kate Bush has reportedly earned $2.3million since ‘Running Up That Hill’ appeared in ‘Stranger Things’

The song has entered its third week at Number One, with Bush describing it as "a bit surreal"

Kate Bush has reportedly generated an estimated $2.3million (£1.9million) in streaming revenue with her song ‘Running Up That Hill’, thanks to its use in Stranger Things 4.

As reported by CBS, the music data website Luminate has estimated that Bush has generated a large boost in royalties since the resurgence in popularity of her 1985 hit. As per Music Business Worldwide, she has likely kept the bulk of that income herself, as she owns the copyright of her recordings.

Since appearing in the May instalment of Stranger Things’ fourth season, the song has broken three Guinness World Records, reached Number One in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, and was, at one point, the most-streamed song on the planet.


News of Bush’s earnings come as ‘Running Up That Hill’ entered its third week at Number One on the Official UK Singles Chart, with Bush describing it as “a bit surreal”.

“I just can’t believe it – No. 1 for the third week. We’re all so excited! In fact it’s all starting to feel a bit surreal,” Bush shared on her website over the weekend, adding that she’d finished Stranger Things 4.

“I’d only seen the scenes that directly involved the use of the track and so I didn’t know how the story would evolve or build. I was so delighted that the Duffer Brothers wanted to use RUTH for Max’s totem but now having seen the whole of this last series, I feel deeply honoured that the song was chosen to become a part of their roller coaster journey,” she wrote.

“I can’t imagine the amount of hard work that’s gone into making something on this scale. I am in awe. They’ve made something really spectacular.”

Bush’s statement also addressed bootleg merchandise that has been doing the rounds, assuring people that “the only official merchandise is the already existing material that’s available through the official websites.”

“We hope you understand that we want to honour the energy that’s being generated by the audiences right now,” she finished. “An energy that feels very special, unique and quite frankly, bloody moving.”


Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour last month, Bush called the rise of her song “extraordinary” and said it was “very special” that younger audiences were listening to it.

Strangers Things fans can stream the official season four soundtrack now, featuring Metallica‘s ‘Master Of Puppets’, Siouxsie And The Banshees‘ ‘Spellbound’, James Taylor‘s ‘Fire And Rain’, Rick Derringer’s ‘Rock And Roll’, Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ and more. A CD and vinyl version are slated to arrive later this year.

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