Kate Nash running after school clubs for girls interested in music careers

Singer moves in education sector with rock'n'roll masterclasses

Kate Nash has revealed she is currently running rock’n’roll after school clubs for female pupils.

In a post written for Collapse Board, the London singer said she had been visiting schools around the UK trying to encourage girls to consider careers in the music industry.

Nash, who revealed she had been helping children in six different schools for the last 10 months by teaching them how to play instruments and become sound engineers as well as giving them advice about working for record labels, said it was “heartbreaking” that the female pupils didn’t believe they couldn’t achieve a career in music and cited celebrity culture as the reason for their “insecurities”.

She said:

I think this has had a terrible effect on young people. Particularly girls. All these years of feminist history, women fighting it out against sexism, against themselves and against society and still the main thing we are judged on is our body, our face and what we are doing to climb the ladder.

She went on to add: “Being satisfied with having a career as a musician and a songwriter leaves me feeling like a freak for not wanting to better myself by becoming more famous for selling songs to adverts, appearing on The X Factor or getting my tits out in some lads mag.”

Kate Nash is currently working on material for her third studio album, which is expected for release in 2012. She released her debut album ‘Made Of Bricks’ in 2007, with its follow-up ‘My Best Friend Is You’ arriving in 2010.