Kate Nash begins work on new album

Singer is meeting producers in Los Angeles

Kate Nash has blogged about starting work on her new album.

The singer-songwriter says she’s currently in Los Angeles meeting prospective producers for the record.

Writing on her MySpace.com/katenashmusic blog, Nash revealed that after eight months off, she’s now finally ready to begin work on the follow up to 2007’s ‘Made Of Bricks’.

“I’ve been meeting some producers out here about doing my next record. It’s pretty exciting because I haven’t really been ready to talk about any of that stuff for ages, I really haven’t wanted to,” she wrote.

“I’ve wanted to hang out and watch Jeremy Kyle and see my friends and go to the cinema and clean out my fish tank and pass my driving test. But I finally feel ready to start getting stuck into thinking about how to stick these songs together that I’ve been working on for the past eight months. I feel like the songs are stamps and I need to get someone to lick the back of the stamps and put them in the right place on the envelope.”

Nash also added that her trip has given her the chance to catch up with boyfriend Ryan Jarman, along with his band The Cribs.

“Good timing too because The Cribs are also in LA and I bet you can’t wait to hear their new album, it’s going to make you so happy,” Nash wrote.