Kate Nash begins work on new album with Bernard Butler

Singer a week into sessions already

Kate Nash has entered the studio with former Suede man Bernard Butler on production duties to record her second album.

The London singer/songwriter has begun work at RAK studios, working on eight new songs in total so far, reports The Fly.

“I had about 15 demos before I went in,” Nash explained. “I met Bernard because of Ryan [Jarman of The Cribs and Nash‘s boyfriend].”


The album is expected to be released in early next year with songs in contention for inclusion including ‘Pick Pocket’, ‘I Hate Seagulls’, ‘You Were So Far Away’, ‘Doo Wah Do’ and ‘Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt’.

Speaking about the direction the songs on the album are taking, Nash said: “There’s lots of nice guitars, and a really nice grand piano.”