Kate Nash hits back at BuzzFeed article about how she no longer “exists”

Singer featured in a list titled '33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millennials'

Kate Nash has criticised BuzzFeed following an article that jokingly claimed that the singer no longer “exists”.

Nash’s latest musical release was her ‘Agenda’ EP in April. She currently stars in the Netflix wrestling comedy-drama series GLOW.

BuzzFeed recently posted a list titled ’33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millennials’, referencing acts that rose to fame in the 90s and 2000s.


Nash was number nine in that list, with BuzzFeed writing of the star: “She was the cute vintage-dress-wearing girl we all wanted to be back in 2007. Presumably these days she’s wearing baggy jumpers and DMs but who knows??”

A BuzzFeed spokesperson has since issued a statement to NME, reading: “We love Kate Nash and really did want to be her! Many BuzzFeed posts reference nostalgia for things we love and this list is one of those, definitely not intended to be taken literally. We wish nothing but the best for Kate.”

The singer-actor took to Twitter to respond to the article, writing: “The media have talked about me this way my entire career, since I was 20 years old. I think this media tone needs to end.”

Nash added: “With all the talk of mental health recently & the amount of mental health issues within the artist community I don’t think this contribution from @BuzzFeed or from any other media outlet is helpful or interesting. It could hurt unstable people & with what is going on in the world”.

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“I have huge problems with how the industry disposed of artists, it’s a difficult career to maintain so this is actually a discussion,” Nash continued. “I think is important. But not to just take the piss out of artists that got dropped or aren’t in the charts anymore. Most artists I know are Struggling to be able to continue and many do have to give up & ‘wear baggy jumpers and DM’s’ & that is sad because art fucking matters. So fuck you for making fun of independent artists @BuzzFeed @BuzzFeedNews wow. Sorry but it’s not a joke to me.”


“I still exist u twat, alongside all the other artists in this list,” Nash went on to say, arguing that the “sleazy industry doesn’t make it easy” for smaller artists to exist.

“Also the reason I can’t let this slide is because I happen to be in a great, happy place in my life,” Nash said. “Which is difficult for anyone 2 achieve. But I am and there have been many times over the past 10 years when I haven’t been ok. Mentally, financially, emotionally, physically. And during a shitty time something like this could have seriously crushed me. And maybe someone else on that list is having a shitty time.”

Nash’s tweets can be seen in full below.

Kate Nash recently spoke to NME about GLOW as well as new music.

On how her role in the Netflix show came about, she said: “I’ve done a little bit of acting, dipped my toe in every now and then over the years. That was why I ended up putting music on MySpace, because I got rejected from drama school! I was like ‘fuck this I’m going to do music instead.’. I did a pilot a couple of years ago, for Jenji Kohan (Orange Is The New Black creator) for a show about Salem witches, set in the 1800s. It didn’t get picked up but Jenji really liked my work, so she asked me to audition for GLOW.”