Kate Nash condemns plastic pollution in new track ‘Trash’

The singer was inspired by the environment for her latest song

Kate Nash has released a track, titled ‘Trash’, that condemns environmental pollution.

The singer has said she was inspired to write the song after being asked to take part in an art exhibition using single use plastics.

Lyrics include the lines, “Impure toxic devotion runs through me like river to a plastic ocean. Chemicals burn inside my heart, I’m holding on like a car that just can’t start.”


Speaking about the track, Nash explained: “’Trash’ was written after I was asked to take part in an exhibition curated by Athena Pagington who asked artists to collect their single use plastic for a certain number of days and then make something out of it.

“Ideally I thought I could make music from my ‘trash’ from music. I went on a bit of a plastic trail, I experimented with actually creating records from epoxy resin with my single use plastic cut up and put into the records.

“I wrote the song specifically for the record. The whole thing really inspired and now I want to work on more music with an ethical/environmental agenda.”

The nineties-style video was directed by Aidan Zamiri and sees Nash in full grunge getup singing in front of clips of various landfill sites, explosions and plastic polluted scenes.

It’s Nash’s first output since 2018’s crowd-funded album, ‘Yesterday Was Forever’. In a three star review NME wrote: ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ was a record paid for by fans, and made for the fans. It may not find much love outside of them, but fuck it. She doesn’t need anyone else now.”


In 2017, the singer hit out at an article that suggested she “didn’t exist.” And on top of new music, Nash has recently found success in various acting roles – most notably for her part as Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson in Netflix wrestling comedy GLOW.

The singer recently sat down with NME to talk about her role in the breakout Netflix show and said she believed music’s #METOO moment is coming.

She added: “I haven’t had a #MeToo moment of people in the music industry. I’ve had inappropriate shit, though. I’ve had unprofessionalism. I’ve had them treat me like shit, like a piece of meat, and not care about me really at all.

“I’ve had my own sexual assault experiences in my personal life. Most women have. So, it’s probably confusing for the musicians that have experienced that on tour, for instance, because maybe you were drunk [when an incident occurred]. There’s a whole aspect of this that’s us learning what consent is, learning what rape is.”

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