Kate Tempest discusses political inspiration and her ‘more hopeful’ new album

Following her enthralling performance at the Mercury Prize 2017 last night, Kate Tempest has revealed that she’s already hard at work on her next album. Watch our video interview with Tempest above.

NME caught up with Tempest at the Mercurys, where she was shortlisted for a second time for her latest album ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’. However, she’s already looking to the future.

“We’re working on a new record, and also a new book of poems and a new play as well,” Tempest told NME. “There’s lots of new ideas coming. We’ve just got to finish this tour and then I can finish these new bits – but it’s coming. It’s on its way.”


“I think that whether you intend to or not, the times that you live in emerge in the work that you produce. If you’re a writer of lyrics especially, it’s going to be in you and it’s got to come out. I think that if you intentionally try to make political music you will fall at the first hurdle, because your asking your idea to be something before your idea has revealed to you what it wants to be.”


She added: “With this new record, there is still a narrative running through it. I hope that it’s a bit more of a hopeful record because maybe I am in a bit more of a hopeful place. Obviously the situations that the world and my immediate environment will be in will be coming out in my lyrics, but it’s not like I’m trying to make ‘statement music’. I’m just answering to an idea.”


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