Katie Hopkins accepts Ellie Goulding’s challenge of charity boxing match

Bring Me The Horizon member was first to suggest the idea

Controversial columnist and television personality Katie Hopkins appears to have accepted a challenge from Ellie Goulding for the pair to fight it out in a charity boxing match.

Hopkins, who rose to fame following her appearance on The Apprentice in 2007, often evokes controversy with her Daily Mail column and has been accused of classism and racism in the past. Last year, Donald Trump described her as “respected” and “powerful”.

Singer Goulding has long clashed with Hopkins via Twitter, repeatedly calling for her to “delete your account” after the journalist makes inflammatory remarks. Hopkins recently responded to Goulding by saying: “Ellie. It is never going to happen. Stop talking now lovely, that pitch sets the dogs off.”





Bring Me The Horizon‘s Jordan Fish recently tweeted to Goulding to suggest that the pair settle things in a charity boxing match. Goulding replied that she was “so, so down” for the idea but that it “wouldn’t make for great tv because it would be over in seconds”.

Hopkins then seemingly accepted the challenge, posting a photo of her recent brain surgery scar and writing: “Sure @elliegoulding – you are on. I have fought far tougher things this year than some shampoo sales-bird.” Hopkins underwent brain surgery in February to cure her epilepsy.




No further details are known about where or when the charity boxing match might occur.

Goulding is a well-known Labour Party supporter and has spoken about political issues such as tackling homelessness in the past.

Recent tabloid reports suggested that Goulding had threatened to “punch” a fellow guest at a London event.