Katy B posts photo from new album sessions

The 'On A Mission' singer uploads picture from recording studio

Katy B has posted a photo from inside the recording studio as she continues work on her new album.

The singer posted a picture today on Twitter (October 2) of her keyboard player in the studio recording the follow up to her 2011 debut album ‘On A Mission’.

Katy B wrote:

Meanwhile, Geeneus, who is producing Katy B’s new record, told The Guardian that the new album will be “done by the end of the year”. She added: “We’ll work right up till the last day, because sometimes it’s on the last day that you come up with a track.”

Last month, Katy B revealed that her new album is about transitioning “from being a girl into womanhood and finding out what my responsibilities are. It’s the first time I’ve lived in the real world with bills to pay, and that’s coming across in what I’m writing”.

In June of this year, Katy B told the Daily Star that her second studio album would feature less dubstep material than its predecessor. Talking about the record’s sound, she said: “It’s still a dance album but where ‘On A Mission’ was very much based around dubstep and house music, the new songs are less about repetitive beats.”