New Katy Perry song allegedly leaks in Twitter hack

‘Witness’ is supposedly by Perry, according to Romanian hacker

Katy Perry had her Twitter account hacked on Monday (May 30), which featured a new song as part of the hack.

Around 9pm yesterday, Perry’s account began posting a series of abusive tweets to followers. The hacker then posted a Soundcloud link to a since deleted song, ‘Witness’, claiming it was by Perry.

‘Witness’ was hosted on a Soundcloud page known for featuring bootleg remixes, under the username Slut. However, while ‘Witness’ could potentially have been a new ballad written for Perry the singer on the track didn’t sound like Perry herself.


It’s led to speculation that ‘Witness’ is a song penned by one of her songwriters – possibly Bonnie McKee, Max Martin or Sia – using a session singer before the track was presented to Perry. It could have also been a hoax.

The hack to Perry’s account, which has 89 million followers, appeared to be the work of Romanian hacker Sway, who suggested Perry’s followers start following his @sw4ylol account during his hacking spree.

Sway posted a message apparently from Soundcloud which claimed that ‘Witness’ had been removed from Slut’s Soundcloud page following a complaint from Perry’s record label, Universal.

The Soundcloud message read: “We’ve received a report directly from Universal Music Group that your track ‘Witness 1.3’ contains ‘Witness 1.3’ by Katy Perry. As a result, the track has been removed from your profile for the time being.”

In February, Perry said she is “in the research and development stage” of her new album, which will follow 2013’s ‘Prism’.