Katy Perry successful in battle with nuns over plan to convert Los Angeles home

Court rules pop star can turn nun's former home in Loz Feliz into her new house

Katy Perry has won her battle to turn a former Roman Catholic convent into her new home.

As reported, Perry became embroiled in a complicated row over the ownership of the eight-acre Los Angeles property last year. Perry thought that she would be able to buy the former convent from the archdiocese of Los Angeles, run by Archbishop Jose Gomez, and made a $14.5 million (£9.3 million) bid.

However, the five nuns living in the property at the time that Perry would be an unsuitable owner and pushed to to sell it to businesswoman Dana Hollister instead. Hollister wanted to use it as a hotel.


This is when a third party, a local Catholic archbishop, entered and argued that it was him and not the nuns who owned the property. It was his wish to sell the property to Perry.

Perry went on to accuse Hollister of taking “advantage of vulnerable, elderly nuns, who she malevolently convinced to oppose the Roman Catholic Church”. No direct complaint from the nuns was filed.

The Guardian reports that Los Angeles superior court judge Stephanie Bowick yesterday (April 13) approved the archdiocese’s motion to block the sale to Hollister.

Though Perry now has the approval of the archbishop, she still needs to have her bid approved by the Vatican in order to complete the sale.