Katy Perry’s boobs banned from ‘Sesame Street’

'California Gurls' singer's duet with Elmo axed following negative feedback

Katy Perry‘s duet with Sesame Street‘s Elmo has been pulled from US TV after programme makers objected to the singer’s low-cut dress.

In the clip, which you can watch below, the singer serenades the muppet with her 2008 hit single ‘Hot N Cold’ wearing a lime dress and bride’s veil.

But after the video was aired on Sesame Street‘s official YouTube channel, a statement was released which said in light of the “feedback we’ve received”, the makers wouldn’t include it on the children’s programme.

While the show’s makers said it would still be available on YouTube, it has been removed by the official Sesame Street official YouTube channel, and was axed from the episode it was set to feature in.

It was scheduled to be aired on US TV on New Year’s Eve.