Katy Perry tells the ladies of V Festival to call their ex-boyfriends

Singer also tells the Chelmsford crowd she's feeling a little bit English

Katy Perry suggested that all the women present at her V Festival set in Chelmsford today (August 23) leave their ex-boyfriends a naughty message.

Talking to the crowd who had gathered on the 4Music stage, the star told the ladies to leave their old lovers a themed voicemail message relating to her track ‘Ur So Gay’ before singing the hit of the same name.

She then suggested that “you have to erase that number. No more drunk-dialling it”.

Perry had earlier strapped on a white guitar to play ‘One Of The Boys’ and jokingly sniffed her armpit after singing the line “I want to smell like roses, not a baseball team”.

“So, this is the second day of the V Festival, anyone smell really bad yet?” Perry asked the crowd before introducing ‘Hot N Cold’.

Perry later announced that her V Festival shows would be some of her last before going back into the studio to record the follow up to 2008’s ‘One Of The Boys’ album.

Performing on a stage decorated with white picket fences and pink flamingos Perry introduced her cover version of Queen‘s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by telling the crowd about her breakfast.

“So I woke up this morning and I felt a little bit English. Had myself some baked beans with soldiers… Well this next song is a little bit English,” said Perry, before launching into the 1979 classic, which sparked off a huge crowd singalong.

Perry finished her afternoon show by saying “I need to see the most beautiful lady here,” before settling on a blonde woman in the front row, of who she said was like “a kitten”, before asking if she bought her Cherry Chapstick with her. Perry then bounded back onstage for the finale of ‘I Kissed A Girl’.

She later declared via Twitter[/b]: “Now that was a fuckin’ show! Today was a cherry on top of this wonderful year, thanks Brits, you’re boss!”

Katy Perry played:

‘One Of The Boys’
‘Hot N Cold’
‘If You Can’t Afford Me’
‘Ur So Gay’
‘Thinking Of You’
‘Waking Up In Vegas’
‘Don’t Stop Me Now’
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