Katy Perry denies sending sweary text to fan’s ex-boyfriend: ‘I would never use the C word’

Singer had denied sending explicit message

A viral WhatsApp message in which Katy Perry appeared to call someone a “cunt” was a hoax, a fan has admitted.

A video which surfaced earlier this week seemingly showed the singer grabbing a fan’s phone during a gig and reading their messages. The video suggests that one of the messages she saw on the phone was from an unimpressed friend of the fan who claimed that Perry “can’t sing live at all”.

The singer then appeared to take a selfie of herself of the phone and respond with a message of her own, writing: “You thought I would never see this chat, you dickless monkey. You have no balls, pussy. Cunt.” A screenshot of the alleged exchange, which was also posted online, can be seen below.


Perry, however, denied that she had written the message. Posting on Twitter, she stated: “I NEVER wrote those words, that is an EDITED picture or the person added it after I took it. I would NEVER use the C word.”

Her denial prompted another Twitter user to accept they had doctored the footage. “I put this together back in December as a joke with NO intentions of any conflict,” he said in a message to Perry. “Please realize I had no bad intentions.” She responded by writing: “Thank you for your apology.”

Perry has recently been embroiled in an ongoing property dispute with a group of nuns. Perry thought that she would be able to buy the former convent from the archdiocese of Los Angeles, run by Archbishop Jose Gomez, for $14.5 million (£9.3 million). But the five nuns who live in the property say that Perry would be an unsuitable owner and want to sell it to businesswoman Dana Hollister instead.