California nuns say selling convent to Katy Perry would ‘violate our religious vows’

The pop singer is attempting to buy the place of worship in California

The nuns opposing Katy Perry‘s recent attempt to buy a convent in California have spoken out against the plans.

As previously reported, Perry is in talks to purchase the property, agreeing to pay $14.5 million (£9.3m) for the property.

Having already been the subject of a dispute over who has the legal right to sell the convent, two of the nuns involved in the disagreement – Sister Rita Callahan and Sister Catherine Rose Holzman of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – have now aired their views on the pop star.

Callahan has previously hinted that she was not in favour of Perry moving into the property due to her background, stating: “Well, I found Katy Perry and I found her videos and… if it’s all right to say, I wasn’t happy with any of it.”

Now, legal documents filed on Friday (July 17), obtained by the New York Times, show that the pair claim that selling the convent to Perry would force them to “violate our canonical vows” to the Catholic Church.

It is also revealed that the star visited the convent recently, performing ‘Oh Happy Day’ and proceeding to show the nuns her Jesus tattoo in an attempt to impress.


As previously reported, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is in favour of selling the convent to Perry, but the two nuns want to sell to restaurateur Dana Hollister and believe they are entitled to decide who can purchase the property.

Two of the last five living sisters of the Immaculate Heart have already agreed a deal with Hollister. Although it has been claimed that some of the nuns signed a declaration which supported Gomez’s right to be in charge of selling the property, a legal representative for Sister Rita Callahan and Catherine Rose claims that they may either have misunderstood what they were signing or were forced into agreeing.