US congressman resigns after using campaign money to buy Katy Perry concert tickets

Aaron Schock spent a total of $24,000 (£16,000) on luxury items

A politician in the US has been forced to resign after questions were raised over his finances, which included spending campaign money on tickets to see a Katy Perry concert.

As Washington Post report, Illinois congressman Aaron Schock spent a total of $24,000 (£16,000) on a number of leisurely things, including gig tickets, flights in private jets and an interior designer to redecorate his office to look like the set of ‘Downton Abbey’.

Now, Schock has stepped down and released the following statement: “I do this with a heavy heart. Serving the people of the 18th District is the highest and greatest honor I have had in my life. I thank them for their faith in electing me and letting me represent their interests in Washington.”

Schock continued: “But the constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th District with the high standards that they deserve and which I have set for myself. I have always sought to do what’s best for my constituents and I thank them for the opportunity to serve.”

Meanwhile, Perry has announced the release of official Left Shark merchandise.

This will include a onesie costume that resembles Left Shark, the back up dancer dressed in a shark costume who became a viral hit due to his uncoordinated dancing during Perry’s Super Bowl half-time performance, as well as a Left Shark T-Shirt.

The costume is priced at $129.99 (£85) and the T-shirt is priced at $25 (£16). Both are available from Perry’s website.

Perry tweeted pictures of the costume recently with the accompanying message: “Attention internet: no longer do you have to DIY left shark costume,” adding: “You can now be a proper #Leftshark with this official, glorious #Leftshark onesie.”