Katy Perry make-up company sued by rival cosmetics manufacturer

Singer has been hit by copyright infringement claims

An American cosmetics company is being sued by fellow cosmetics manufacturer Hard Candy over a line of beauty products fronted by Katy Perry.

In documents obtained by TMZ, it has been revealed that the company re-launched by Walmart are allegedly suing the parent company of CoverGirl, Procter and Gamble, over their trademarked heart symbol, which appears on a number of the products with Perry’s name on it.

The report from TMZ states “Hard Candy says it’s had trademarks for 10 plus years … and the Katy line is infringing. It’s not spelled out in the lawsuit, but it appears Hard Candy’s taking issue with the heart in the middle of CoverGirl’s Katy makeup logos — since that’s very similar to its logo.”

The article goes on to claim that Hard Candy want the Katy Perry line to be removed from shop shelves, as well as a percentage of profits made from the line since its Spring Launch.

Recently Perry caused more controversy by reportedly entering the conflict between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. During a series of tweets on July 13 in which Harris confirmed that Swift is the co-writer of his hit Rihanna collaboration ‘This Is What You Came For’, Harris wrote, addressing his ex-girlfriend: “I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it.”

Perry responded by posting a video of Hillary Clinton shrugging her shoulders to Twitter, as well as retweeting her own tweet from May 2015 that reads “Time, the ultimate truth teller.”