Katy Perry criticised by feminist author Naomi Wolf

'The Beauty Myth' writer reckons that K-Pez's latest promo is 'shameful Marines propaganda'

Katy Perry‘s video for her new single ‘Part Of Me’ has been scathingly described as “propaganda for the Marines” by celebrated feminist author Naomi Wolf.

Writing on her Facebook page, Wolf – best known for her bestselling tome The Beauty Myth, which was published in 1990 – said she used to be a fan of the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer but was now encouraging fans to “boycott” her work because of her latest pro-military promo.

In the video, which you can watch by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, a camo-clad Perry witnesses her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. Incensed by what she has just seen, she confronts him. We then see a distressed Perry cutting her hair off in a toilet before running off to join the army. Later footage also shows her fighting in a war zone.


Wolf said:

Have you all seen the Katy Perry marines video? It is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines… I really want to find out of she was paid by them for making it… it is truly shameful.

She went on to add: “I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked – if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.”

Teenage Dream’, Perry’s 2010 second album, is set to be re-released as a deluxe version on March 26. ‘The Complete Collection’ contains all 12 tracks from the original album, including hit singles ‘Firework’ and ‘California Gurls’, and three brand new songs.

The deluxe edition will also feature reworkings of tracks from the original version, including ‘ET’ featuring Kanye West and ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’ featuring Missy Elliott.

Perry announced earlier this month that she is planning to release a 3D concert movie this summer. The film, which will be titled Katy Perry: Part Of Me, has been made in conjunction with Paramount and is named after her most recent single.