Katy Perry becomes ambassador for Prince Charles’ anti-trafficking charity

And she's promised to, uh, sing to his plants...

Katy Perry has become the latest ambassador for Prince Charles’ anti-trafficking charity British Asian Trust.

The singer joined the Prince at a dinner at Banqueting House in London last night (February 4), where her new role was announced.

Explaining her position in an Instagram post, Perry writes: “In my role, I will primarily focus my spotlight on helping find solutions to end child trafficking.


“India has always been a place I have a magnetic connection with, and in addition to my work as a @UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, I’m excited to be part of the work of helping the children of South Asia. Every child matters and has the right to basic human needs.”

Introducing the Prince on stage at last night’s event (via Radio X), Perry said: “I’m excited to be here because I’m a big fan of his royal highness and all the work that he has done and is continuing to do, especially in India for children.

“In my own personal experience, he has an incredibly kind soul. So kind, that yes, sometimes he talks to his plants.

“And he asked me if I could sing to his plants,” she said of her first job in the role. “And I will, in the future. You have my word, sir.”


Charles then said he was “enormously grateful” for Perry’s “kind introduction,” adding: “She told me just now that she wanted to make it slightly more spicy, but I think she resisted the temptation.

“But I must say it was a great pleasure to have met her in Mumbai last November at a gathering for British Asian Trust council members on the day before my birthday. Meeting her turned out to be a wonderful birthday present.”

Katy Perry released her most recent album ‘Witness’ in 2017, and followed it up last year with a series of new singles – ‘Never Really Over’, ‘Small Talk’ and ‘Harleys In Hawaii’.

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