Katy Perry denies that she was raped by Dr Luke

She testified against the claims in court...

Katy Perry has testified against claims that she was raped by music producer Dr.Luke, describing them as “outrageous and untrue”.

The singer’s court deposition was revealed by legal teams for Dr. Luke, after Kesha dropped her own long-running assault case against the producer earlier this month.

Now, Dr.Luke is suing Kesha for defamation, alleging she told Lady Gaga that Katy Perry was assaulted by the producer.

A court testimony by Katy confirms that she did not have “a sexual or romantic relationship” with Dr Luke and denies that he gave her drugs and raped her.

A statement by Dr Luke’s legal team confirms: “The false narrative Kesha created about being raped became widely accepted, damaging Dr. Luke’s reputation irreparably.

Katy Perry deposition
Kesha is being sued by Dr Luke

“Compounding this malicious act, in 2016, Kesha told Lady Gaga that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry, which is outrageous and untrue. Katy Perry testified under oath in this case that Dr. Luke never raped her. Regardless, Kesha refused to apologize.

“Instead, she issued a press release which again irresponsibly suggested that Katy Perry was actually raped by Dr. Luke. It seems that Kesha wanted to perpetuate the falsehood that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry.”

Responding to the claims, Kesha’s team deny that she was deliberately spreading false rumours. Instead, they say that the lawsuit is based on an individual text message.

A statement confirmed: “To be clear, Dr. Luke is suing Kesha based on a private, one-on-one text message that Kesha sent Lady Gaga in 2016, shortly after Interscope CEO John Janick told Kesha and Lady Gaga he’d heard a rumor that Dr. Luke had also abused Katy Perry.”

Dr Luke is seeking $10.2million (£7.7million) in the earnings he lost from not working with Katy.

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