Katy Perry wants deposition in Dr. Luke and Kesha case kept sealed

The singer's lawyer said it becoming public could hurt her career and reputation

Katy Perry has asked a court to keep the deposition she gave in the ongoing case between Dr. Luke and Kesha sealed.

The singer was revealed to be involved in the case when the producer claimed Kesha had lied in a 2016 text to Lady Gaga when she said he had raped Perry.

“The sealing of Ms. Hudson’s [Perry’s real name] deposition testimony is particularly appropriate because disclosure – in light of her public profile – obviously could unfairly affect and even cause ‘significant harm’ to her ‘career and reputation’,” Perry’s lawyer, Hal Shaftel, argued in court papers, according to Page Six.

Shaftel continued: “Because of her high-profile status as an artist, advocate and role model, Ms. Hudson is vulnerable to ‘gossip column’ frenzy aimed at exaggerating salacious matters having little to nothing to do with the merits – whatever they may be – of the substantive, material issues in this case.”

Katy Perry deposition

The emergency motion was filed yesterday (August 20) after Perry’s lawyer learned a Manhattan Supreme Court judge could release the transcript today. The motion added that the singer’s deposition is “not germane to the public” because it has only been “tangential” to the case.

Kesha and Dr. Luke have been involved in a court case since 2014. The singer sued the producer, whose real name is Luke Gottlieb, for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, emotional abuse, and violation of California business practices in October of that year, and claimed he had repeatedly drugged her, had sexual contact with her, both with and without her consent, and caused her eating disorder.

Gottlieb denied all of Kesha’s claims and filed a countersuit against her, claiming she had defamed him and that she and her mother had fabricated the allegations so the star could break her contract with him.