Did Katy Perry reveal new album title with Met Gala outfit?

The singer appeared to wear album promo on her face.

Katy Perry attended the Met Gala last night (May 1), along with other high-profile artists including Frank Ocean, Rihanna and The Weeknd.

The charity ball, which is held at the city’s Metropolitan Museum of Art every year on the first Monday in May, is one of the major fashion events of the year, demanding an exuberant dress code from its guests. The Gala also celebrates the opening of the museum’s latest exhibition, which this year has been put on by Comme Des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo.


Perry was a co-host for the evening, alongside Pharrell Williams. Perry wore the outfit Maison Martin Margiela designed by John Galliano but appeared to add an album teaser to her mask.

The word ‘Witness’ was embroidered across her eyes, which has long been rumoured to be the title of Perry’s forthcoming album. ‘Witness’ was the title of a song demo that acted as the first teaser of new music from Perry earlier this year.

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As pointed out by Spin, ahead of Perry’s latest single ‘Bon Appétit’, some fans received a flyer with the title ‘témoin’, which is French for ‘witness’, causing further speculation that it could be the title of Perry’s new album.

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Meanwhile, Jaden Smith has revealed why he took his sheared-off dreadlocks to the Met Gala. The 18-year-old actor and artist attracted curiosity before entering the ball last night by sporting a new blonde buzz cut and carrying his newly sheared-off hair in his hand. Explaining his decision to a Vogue reporter, Smith revealed that he’d brought his dreadlocks as his “date” as his sister Willow couldn’t make it.

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While his decision caught many people off guard, Lorde voiced her fondness for the look, tweeting: “Wow coolest thing I’ve seen in ages love some freaky Victorian goth hair usage.”