Katy Perry, Rod Stewart and Neil Young attack Donald Trump over his “heartless” tweet about Californian wildfires

A host of celebrities have been affected in the disaster

Katy Perry, Rod Stewart and Neil Young are among those to have criticised Donald Trump for the US President’s tweet in response to the wildfires currently affecting California.

With many blaming the fires, which have currently claimed at least 11 lives, on climate change, Trump tweeted to say that there was “no reason” for the fires other than “forest mismanagement”.

He also implied that he would take funding away from those dealing with the fires, unless they “remedy” the situation.


Perry responded via Twitter, saying: “This is an absolutely heartless response. There aren’t even politics involved. Just good American families losing their homes as you tweet, evacuating into shelters.”

Rod Stewart also took aim at the President, saying: “California needs words of support & encouragement, not threats or finger pointing & accusations.”

Neil Young, meanwhile, whose own home near Malibu was destroyed, issued a statement via his website.

“California is vulnerable – not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think. As a matter of fact this is not a forest fire that rages on as I write this,” Young said. “We are vulnerable because of Climate Change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.”


“It really is time for a reckoning with this unfit leader,” he continued. “Maybe our new Congress can help. I sure hope so.”

“Firefighters have never seen anything like this in their lives. I have heard that said countless times in the past two days, and I have lost my home before to a California fire, now another.”

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst and Wes Borland also confirmed they had lost their homes in the fire.

Miley Cyrus also spoke out and urged fans to be vigilant.

They’re not the only stars to be affected by the fire. Earlier today (November 11), Lady Gaga revealed that she was among the 250,000 who had been forced to flee from their homes.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker was also caught up in the California wildfires, forcing him to evacuate a Malibu home where he was recording new music.

Elsewhere, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Malibu home has also been affected. “I heard the flames have hit our property at our home in Hidden Hills but now are more contained and have stopped at the moment,” Kardashian said. In a later post, she told her followers: “We are all safe and that’s all that matters.”

Lil Pump also posted a video of the incident along with a series of videos showing his evacuation from his home.

The set of ‘Westworld‘ has also burned down after wildfires spread to the Paramount Ranch, where the hit HBO show is filmed.

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