Katy Perry opens up about religion: “I’ve never felt closer to God”

The pop star has spoken about rediscovering God in the wake of her 'Witness' album

Katy Perry has spoken about her religion in a new interview, saying she has “never felt closer to God.”

The pop star was brought up in a strict religious household and began her career by releasing a Christian gospel album at the age of 16.

“I think travel is such a great way to open your perspectives,” she told Paper of how touring that record affected her. “You meet so many people and you’re forced into so many different situations that are good for your [growth].”


Katy Perry

She continued to say that by the time she turned 17, she felt like she was “backsliding” or turning away from God. The singer now credits 2017 as her most “transformative” year, both mentally and spiritually.

Perry had previously revealed she suffered from “situational depression” after the release of her 2017 album ‘Witness’, which did not receive a good reception. Afterwards, she attended the Hoffman Process, a week-long personal growth programme that she described as “10 years of therapy in one week.”

“I’ve never felt closer to God,” she said of the effects of embarking on the programme. “I’ve never felt so much release and relief.” Perry added that it had freed her from “the conditioning of what society thinks” and let her think more kindly of herself.

Last year, the star told fans she would be taking a break from music and “not going straight into making another record.”


“I’ve been on the road for, like, 10 years, so I’m just going to chill,” she said. “I feel like I’ve done a lot. I feel like I’ve rung the bell of being a pop star very loudly and I’m very grateful for that.”