Katy Perry says supporting Hillary Clinton ‘worked’ because people are ‘waking up’

The musician campaigned for the Democrat nominee in last year's Presidential election, including releasing a clip of her going to vote naked

Katy Perry has spoken about her support of Hillary Clinton in last year’s US Presidential election, saying the campaign “worked” despite the politician’s loss.

In September last year, Perry followed up a promise to “use my body as clickbait” by appearing in a comedy sketch for Funny Or Die. In it, she is seen encouraging the US public to vote by telling them they can go to the polling station wearing whatever they like, as she gets out of bed and walks to vote in white pyjamas printed with a pattern of the national flag.

After listing different looks people are wearing at the polls, Perry strips naked but for two thick black bars covering her body.


“Or if you’re like me, I sleep naked,” she adds before being arrested. “Yep, let those babies loose cos no-one ever said…”

Speaking to NME for this week’s cover feature, Perry discussed her thoughts on the election and Clinton’s loss. Asked how it felt to have taken part in such a stunt only for it not to have worked – i.e. helped Clinton win – she replied: “Oh, it worked. It worked.”

She continued: “[Hillary] woke the sleeping giant and there’s something bigger than her, than me, than any one person that is happening right now. Something brilliant is really happening, which is: people are waking up. People are waking up and we wouldn’t have… we would have continued in the same pattern, in the same way, in the same comfort, in the same utopia.

“We’re waking up, we’re all voicing our opinions, we’re all getting more educated, we know the names of [members of] Parliament and the names of [United States senators] more than we know the names of band members these days. That’s how it should be, because those people actually help change our lives, sometimes.”

Perry, who will release her fifth studio album ‘Witness‘ on June 9, also discussed her beef with Taylor Swift, conspiracy theories and being the subject of fake news in the in-depth interview. The issue will be available across the UK from June 9. You can find your nearest stockist here.