You could see everything, apparently...

R&B star K-CI, aka CEDRIC HAILEY, dropped his trousers in front of 4,000 shocked, predominately teen-pop fans at a concert for LOS ANGELES radio station KIIS on Saturday (December 16).

The 31-year-old – who is the older of the two brothers in the group K-Ci&JoJo, two-thirds of Jodeci – had left theShrine Auditorium by the time five uniformed Los Angeles Police Department officers arrived backstage following the duo’s set, according to reports on US website Allstar.

A police spokesperson told the site that they were investigating complaints following the incident. The site (on[url=]www.cdnow.com) reported shocked parents taking young children from the hall and calling police on mobile phones, and quoted one teenage fan as saying: “You could see everything.”


After the duo left the stage, KIIS DJ Sean Valentine apologised to the crowd, around 100 of whom are said to have fled the venue after he unzipped his trousers.

K-Ci were ahead of an all-star bill at the station’s annual Jingle Ball, which also included Christina Aguilera, Jon Bon Jovi with Richie Sambora, Third Eye Blind with Stevie Wonder, 98 Degrees and Macy Gray.

The outburst comes after KC-I’s recent exclusive interview with NMESOUL.COM, during which he vehemently proclaimed his desire to find a more spiritual path and declared his disillusionment with the music industry. He said: “I’m tired of everything that’s going on in the music business. It’s just sickening. You look back and see that we lost Biggie, we lost Tupac, we lost – a whole lot of us are in jail. It’s sickening and I hate the negativity that’s in music business. That’s why I’m going back to church, because I feel I’m needed there. I need church and I want church.” He also said that by keeping faith in God, “all things are possible,” and added: “It might sound corny to you, but that’s how we look at life in the music business. If you look at God first and obey your parents, all things are possible. I’m 31 years old and I feel like I’m 12 years old, and that’s because of the faith I have in God.”

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