Keane confirm Kanye West collaboration

Tom Chaplin also says the band have been working with K'Naan

Keane singer Tom Chaplin has confirmed that the band have been working on a track with Kanye West.

Chaplin said the band have already spent a day in the studio with the rapper, and that the resulting song – which still needs to be finished off – will hopefully be released before the end of the year.

“We worked with Kanye just for one night, but we’re hoping to get some more stuff done with him in the next few weeks,” the frontman told NME.COM after playing the Ibiza Rocks festival. “But he’s obviously a very busy man, and we’re quite busy as well at the moment. But we should have something really, really great to show for it hopefully later this year.”


Chaplin added that West had apparently loved Keane‘s 2008 single ‘Spiralling’. “We heard from his manager that the first time he heard ‘Spiralling’ he, like, played it 40 times in a row and was kind of obsessed with it.”

As well as working with West, Chaplin revealed that Keane have been working with rapper K’Naan on a separate track, which should also be released this year.

He said: “The K’Naan thing is pretty much finished and complete, the rest of it should come together later. But if it doesn’t, I think we’ve still got something good to show for our efforts.”

The singer continued by explaining why he thinks both projects have been so successful.

“It’s a new thing for us and it’s great, I think we found out with the last record [‘Perfect Symmetry’] that we can do that,” Chaplin said. “I think we’ve discovered that you can actually really push it and be experimental and get something really fresh and different out of it.”

Chaplin went on to say that West and K’Naan “both have this raw emotional quality to them, and that ties in well with Keane“.