Keane start work on ‘tasteless and uncool’ new album

The trio are working with Stuart Price in Berlin

Keane are currently recording their new album in Berlin with Madonna producer Stuart Price.

The trio, posting on their website, state that they are attempting to create “tasteless and uncool” music.

Keyboardist and songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley wrote: “The more tasteless and uncool we can make our music the better, and that only when you lose the fear of breaking the unwritten rules of musical etiquette can you make a really great album.”

The group are also taking some bizarre influences for their new songs, with Rice-Oxley also claiming: “One of the new songs sounds like ‘Magic Dance’ from the ‘Labyrinth’ soundtrack.”

The post also recounts the time the group were forced to stop playing by disturbed neighbours.

Richard [Hughes, drummer] seemed deeply proud to have made enough noise to burst through the walls of a huge sound-proofed studio, especially since Rammstein were here not long ago and managed to provoke no such exploits.”