Keane still upset with David Cameron and Tories for using their song

He might be Prime Minister now, but the trio aren't pleased 'Everybody's Changing' was used in General Election

Keane are continuing their feud with the Conservative Party over the use of their song ‘Everybody’s Changing’.

The three-piece said they were ‘horrified’ that the Tory party used ‘Everybody’s Changing’ in their General Election campaign without consulting the band.

Despite the party now occupying the highest echelons of British power – albeit in coalition with the Liberal Democrats – the band’s drummer Richard Hughes is still not happy about the song being used.

“I feel at that kind of event it would just be polite to check that the band wouldn’t mind being associated with the party,” he told Radio 4’s Front Row, explaining he did not vote for the Conservatives.

Suggesting the choice of song in itself was “strange”, the band added that they received a letter from the political party saying the use of their music “was in no way intended to support David Cameron‘s campaign”. The track was used at one of Cameron‘s rallies as he took the stage.

It is understood that the Prime Minister is a fan of the band.

Meanwhile, Keane topped the UK album charts yesterday (May 16) with their ‘Night Train EP’. Watch a track from the record being performed live on the right now.