Keane ‘ignore the rules of good taste’ for third album

Band reveal all about 'Under The Iron Sea' follow-up

Keane have revealed details about their new album.

Called ‘Perfect Symmetry’, the album will be released on October 13.

In a posting on their official website, the band revealed that the album was recorded in various locations, namely Paris, Berlin, London and LA.

“We started out in Paris, where Jon Brion (collaborator) inspired us to create first and think later,” they explained in the post.

“We took the night train to Berlin, where everything came together in an avalanche of experimentation that took us all by surprise; where we made a pact with [producer] Stuart Price to ignore the rules of good taste; where we were hypnotised by Marlene Dietrich and spent many a long night throwing ideas around in the crumbling ‘Cabaret’-esque glamour of our favourite bar.”

They added: “We’ve hidden ourselves away in the depths of the English countryside, recorded a new track in London at the last possible moment, and now we’re in Los Angeles tying up the loose ends.”

The album is the band’s follow-up to 2006’s ‘Under The Iron Sea’.