Keane to go glam?

Trio consider Marlene Dietrich-inspired new look

Keane have joked they are going glam during sessions for their third album.

The band are currently recording in Berlin, and on his blog at keyboard player Tim Rice-Oxley has explained the group have been inspired to opt for a more sophisticated look when they finally finish.

“Our new policy for this session was to have old films projected onto the big screen in the control room, to inspire us as we worked,” he wrote. “I brought in my collection of Marlene Dietrich classics and made everyone watch ‘Blonde Venus’ on a loop for two days. By the end of that we’d decided that sparkling lapels and foot-long cigarette holders had to be the look for the next tour.”


The star added that the film inspired them while working on five songs, though eventually the choice of film on the projector proved a bit of a distraction.

He said: “It all worked wonderfully until we hit a wall of exhaustion on Saturday afternoon and found ourselves helplessly mesmerised by Ingrid Bergman in ‘The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness’.”

Rice-Oxley added that the band would now regroup, though he was feeling a bit frazzled by the sessions.

“Work continues tomorrow. Are we entering the final stretch or just getting started?” he asked. “My head is spinning and I have no idea.”

The follow-up to 2006’s ‘Under The Iron Sea’ is due later this year.