Keane do bizarre secret gig

Victorian maids? Dancing shoes? Secret passageways?

Keane treated a select audience to a secret gig and a playback of their forthcoming album ‘Under The Iron Sea’ in London last night (April 5).

The three-piece invited up to 200 people to the hush hush event down in the depths of London Bridge tube station.

Entry was only granted into the venue by flashing a photograph of a lift within the station along with a carboard invite scrawled with a list of instructions.


The select few were then invited to enter a doorway within the station which led to an underground venue where Keane‘s second album was premiered, and the band later played four live tracks.

As fans were led through a secret passageway, they were treated to scenes which were almost like a ghost train ride, with empty high heels dancing away in the corridors and Victorian maids handing out seafood and manuals containing the album lyrics.

Singer Tom Chaplin eventually introduced the playback of their forthcoming ‘darker’ second album beneath a red projection of the record title, declaring: “This is very exciting for us. This is probably a record that will shock you and excite you in equal measure,” before he joked, “It is pretty bleak in places and it is gonna sound like there are guitars on there but there actually isn’t any.”

Following the playback, the three-piece then led the audience into a separate room and went on with a surprise 20-minute set which included forthcoming single, ‘Is It Any Wonder?’, and new songs ‘Nothing In My Way’, ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Crystal Ball’.

After the band performed ‘Nothing In My Way’, Tom quipped: “Now that you’ve heard that track you can now believe that those (guitar) sounds really do come out of Tim (Rice-Oxley)‘s piano.”

The band then launched into album opener ‘Atlantic’ before finishing on ‘Crystal Ball’.


Keane will release ‘Under The Iron Sea’ on June 12.

The final tracklisting runs:


‘Is It Any Wonder?’

‘Nothing In My Way’

‘Leaving So Soon’

‘A Bad Dream’

‘Hamburg Song’

‘Put It Behind You’

‘The Iron Sea’

‘Crystal Ball’

‘Try Again’

‘Broken Toy’

‘The Frog Prince’

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