Singer Tom Chaplin reveals plans for the band’s second album…

Keane are hoping to make their second album “more raw and funky”.

The band, who are currently on tour in the US, are set to start work on the follow-up to their debut ’Hopes And Fears’ once they finish their Stateside trek tomorrow in Grand Prairie, Texas (June 18) and have a quick run round the festival circuit.

“[Pianist] Tim (Rice-Oxley) has come up with a bunch of really exciting songs,” singer Tom Chaplin said. “It’s the early stages, but there’s definitely a sound coming together, and it’s just a matter of getting it all on tape and sounding good. We definitely don’t want it to sound too polished or easy, we want something more raw and funky and exciting that reflects our live show more.”

He added: “I’m incredibly proud of the first record and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s about our time together and the seven years it took to get here, but we want to move forward and take a bold step in another direction.”

Talking to MTV News Chaplin was keen to stress that the band are not about to announce moving in another direction and then end up making their debut album again, saying: “There is no way we’re going to let that happen. I can make you a guarantee that the next record won’t sound like ’Hopes and Fears’.”

The trio have already worked three new tracks into their live set, including ’Nothing In Your Way’, ’Try Again’ and ’Hamburg Song’.

Keane are expected to release the new LP in early 2006 and will be working again with ’Hopes And Fears’ producer Andy Green.

Chaplin said: “We’ve never made a second record, so I can’t say anything definitively about which songs will make it. That’s the part of the journey we still have to make.”