But we'll be hearing some new songs from the boys on their forthcoming UK tour...

Keane say their work schedule is making it hard to find time to work on their new album, though they plan to introduce new material to their set soon.

While the band’s debut album ‘Hopes And Fears’ is still riding high at Number Six in the UK album charts, the band say their pressing tour schedule is preventing them from writing much new material.

“We keep getting offered gigs all over the place, and they’re hard to turn down,” pianist Tim Rice-Oxley told Billboard. “We have the odd day off in mid-October before playing all over Europe. We’ve got this big tour in the UK for a month in the biggest venues we’ll have played on our own. That takes us through to the end of November, and then we’ve got a few dates in Japan. Then we come back to the States in December for radio shows, but we’ll try to get in a few proper club gigs as well.”

“We did have this great plan to block out March and April next year for recording, but things have just gone so well that we don’t want to miss out on chances to play shows just because we’re rigidly sticking to that schedule,” Rice-Oxley continued. “We will try and record around that time, but for the moment we’re thinking about doing it a couple of weeks at a time.

“I actually really like doing things that way,” he said. “You’re not just putting down one track after another and ticking things off. We want to make sure the second album is really amazing. For any band, that takes time and concentration and trial and error. If all goes as planned, we’ll try to release something by the end of next year.”

The band have written some new material however, which they hope to play live soon. New track ‘Nothing In Your Way’ is the most likely contender, as Rice-Oxley explains is “the only thing we’ve had a chance to rehearse”.

The band will release their new single ‘This is the Last Time’ on November 22.

“We’re just in the process today of trying to decide the B-sides,” said Rice-Oxley. “I have a few demos we’ve all listened to, and we’ve narrowed it down to three. We’ll decide which two we’re going to do. We’re recording them in a couple weeks time, so we better decide pretty quickly.”