Keane album sold early

A 'leak' sees fans get hold of 'Under The Iron Sea'

Keane‘s new LP ‘Under The Iron Sea’ has leaked two weeks early.

‘Under The Iron Sea’, the follow-up to 2004’s ‘Hopes And Fears’, is out on Monday (June 12). It was hotly tipped to top the UK chart, especially after the Top Three success of its’ lead single, ‘Is It Any Wonder’.

However, it’s now come to light that the album was available to download from iTunes Belgium two weeks early. As a result, fans flocked to the site to get a copy.

The situation is similar to the problem Oasis had last year, when their LP ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ appeared on iTunes in Germany ahead of its release date. However, the album still managed to top the UK chart.

A spokesperson for the band said they were aware of the leak, but have yet to comment.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Keane play a ‘club’ gig at London Astoria on Friday (June 9). Tickets sold out in a matter of minutes.

“We want to avoid the trap of saying ‘Yeah, right, we’re a big band now, we’re going to go out and play arenas and stadiums to let everyone know how big we are’,” keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley told NME.COM of the band’s desire to play smaller shows. “We feel that it’s really important to go back to square one and start again.”