Keane to play special show

The band are back in London for a one-off date

Keane have announced plans to perform a special one-off show to celebrate the release of their forthcoming album ‘Under The Iron Sea’.

The band will be appearing at the London Astoria this Friday (June 9) and tickets are on sale now through Keane’s official site shop.

They are limited to a maximum of two per person and cost £20 plus a booking fee of £2.

Talking about the show, keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley told NME.COM: “Playing live is a huge part of that and always has been for us. Playing the club circuit in London was our equivalent of what the internet was for the Arctic Monkeys, so we already had that bedrock of support before we signed a record deal. It’s important for us to go out there and do that again, connect with people again and you can only really do that in smaller places.”

Keane release ‘Under The Iron Sea’ next Monday (June 12).