Class is in session for Keane in video for new single ‘Love Too Much’

The East Sussex foursome's latest release hears them revisit their signature piano-driven sound

Keane have released a video for new single, ‘Love Too Much’, ahead of the release of their first album in seven years.

The East Sussex foursome’s latest release hears them revisit their signature piano-driven sound, on a song written and produced by the band, with added production from David Kosten. Accompanied by a hilariously nostalgic video, ‘Love Too Much’ will land on Keane’s upcoming fifth studio album, ‘Cause and Effect’.

The video, directed by Lochlainn McKenna (AKA Locky), sees an unlucky primary school teacher desperately trying, but ultimately failing, to secure the love of a fellow teacher.


Keane each take on a different role: Tom Chaplin as the awkward P.E. teacher, Tim Rice-Oxley as the too cool for school history teacher, drummer Richard Hughes as the confused and tired maths teacher, and bassist Jesse Quin as the eccentric, enthusiastic arts teacher.

“Our hope was that we’d come up with a light-hearted and fun, but emotionally compelling look at the idea of loving maybe a little too much,” explained Quin, who came up with the concept for the video. “Though it may fall apart, we can find some solace in the memories of what was – ‘Nothing can take that away from me.'”

Watch the video for ‘Love Too Much’ below:

In an interview with NME last month, Keane described their forthcoming new album, ‘Cause and Effect’, as a cohesive project that was inspired by Dua Lipa and The Flaming Lips.


“Someone asked Tim this on Instagram the other day and he said Dua Lipa was definitely one of the influences, along with The Flaming Lips. Tim’s brain is like a super computer so everything he’s ever heard gets stored and can become quite intricate,” said Richard Hughes.

Keane’s new album ‘Cause and Effect’ arrives September 20.