Malaysia bans Ke$ha from playing live over ‘religious and cultural’ fears

Singer claims she might have been arrested if she tried to come on stage

Ke$ha has been forced to cancel her planned gig in Kuala Lumpur tonight (October 26) after Malaysian authorities refused to grant her permission to perform.

Ke$ha’s application to play live was rejected because her stage show “touches on religious sensitivities and cultural values of Malaysians”, Malaysia’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia said in a statement. Malaysia’s population is 60% Muslim and many followers of the religion consider topics such as sex and alcohol – a staple part of Ke$ha’s oeuvre – to be taboo.

Concert promoters Livescape have also released a statement, AFP reports, claiming that the concert was banned “at the 11th hour” despite Ke$ha’s offer to “modify the show to suit the Malaysian culture and sensitivities”. The singer was apparently willing to tweak lyrics and have stage outfits altered in a bid to make the gig happen.


Ke$ha has since claimed on Twitter that she might have been arrested if she had tried to come on stage tonight.

Metal band Lamb Of God and soul singer Erykah Badu have also been banned from playing live in Malaysia recently, while Beyonce has twice made the decision to cancel concerts in the country following controversy over her image.