Ke$ha: ‘My mum co-wrote a song about my vagina with me’

'My vagina is in tip top working order," says the 'Tik Tok' singer

Ke$ha has revealed she wrote her song ‘Gold Trans Am’ – which is apparently about her vagina – with her mum.

The wannabe outrageous singer told Q Magazine that the track, which appears on the deluxe version of her album ‘Warrior’, was originally about her car but songwriting sessions with her mum turned it into a song about her genitals.

She said: “It began as a song about my car, which is a gold Trans Am, and it works about 40 per cent of the time. I don’t have another car because I love that one so much. But then like all great pop it became a metaphor for something else – my pussy.”

But before anyone asks if her vagina is like a clapped-out-motor, the ‘Tik Tok’ singer added: “My vagina is in tip top working order. Valeted and souped-up and working 100 per cent of the time.”

While many may think writing a song about your vagina with your mum is a strange way to bond, Ke$ha believes it’s perfectly natural. “That may not be normal to the average psychiatrist out there but I think it’s pretty cool…don’t analyse,” she said. “That’s the problem with so much culture out there. People are so trapped into trying to do the right thing. As long as you are not hurting anyone I think you should feel free to indulge your fantasies.”

This isn’t the first time Ke$ha has said something vaguely controversial to get attention. Last year, she revealed that she believes has had sex with a ghost.