New York judge hears Kesha denied having sexual history with Dr Luke in 2011 deposition

Pop star contradicted new lawsuit she is filing against producer and song-writer

A New York judge has heard that Kesha claimed in 2011 that she did not have a sexual relationship with Dr Luke nor did the producer ever give her drugs.

As previously reported, Kesha is suing Dr Luke for emotional abuse and sexual assault. The pop singer filed the lawsuit on October 14 and is looking to be freed from her contract with the producer, who has also worked with Katy Perry and Jessie J.

Dr Luke subsequently responded by filing a lawsuit of his own, claiming that the singer has fabricated her claims.


As part of her case, Kesha claims that she was given illegal drugs by Dr Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, and that he made her “take drugs and alcohol in order to take advantage of her sexually.” However, as Reuters report, a lawyer working for Dr Luke successfully asked a judge in New York to unseal sections of a deposition relating to a 2010 lawsuit involving Kesha and her former manager that contradicts these claims.

Said deposition saw Kesha claim under oath that she had not had a sexual relationship with Gottwakls. Speaking in 2011, Kesha said that her producer had given her “drugs which could not be purchased at a pharmacy” and denied that the had a sexual relationship with the producer.

Mark Geragos, a lawyer working for Kesha, defended his client and said that she had been threatened by Dr Luke. “She goes into rehab and she goes into therapy and she’s able to stand strong now,” Geragos said.

The case continues.