Ke$ha ‘drinks blood from a heart’ in Sydney stunt – video

Singer shocks fans at Future Music Festival

Ke$ha‘s latest publicity stunt has seen her supposedly drink blood from a heart in Sydney.

The singer held the ‘heart’ over her mouth during her show at the Future Music Festival last Thursday (March 10) and let the ‘blood’ drip across her face and chest.

Watch fan footage of the stunt by scrolling down and clicking below.


The singer pulled the stunt during ‘The Harold Song’, a vampire-themed track which contains the line, “The life is fading from me/While you watch my heart bleed“.

Ke$ha‘s publicist didn’t return initial calls for comment, reports Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

She is no stranger to publicity stunts, however. A video of her supposedly defacing the Hollywood sign has previously done the rounds, with many suggesting the clip was faked.