Keith Flint honoured with amazing Prodigy Christmas light display


Keith Flint has been honoured with an impressive Christmas light display at a house in Essex. Check out the video below.

The spectacle has been put together by Rik Burt at his home in Braintree, where The Prodigy formed back in 1990.

As reported by Essex Live, the display is made up of over 3,000 bulbs which move in sync to a medley of classic Prodigy tracks, including ‘Out Of Space’, ‘Warriors Dance’, and ‘Omen’.


Burt said that the show took over 30 hours to programme with the help of online software. His 14-year-old neighbour Ben Wood mixed all of the music featured.

“I’m into my metal mainly, but The Prodigy bridged the divide between the genres really well,” said Burt. “I saw them live but it was very surreal when we heard [Flint] was gone.”

He added that he’s hoping “one of the members of the band might see” his tribute to their late frontman.

The show can be seen every night this month at Nayling Road, with the street attracting “hundreds and hundreds of visitors” each year due to residents’ festive efforts in aid of various charities.

This year, Burt is raising money for Essex’s Farleigh Hospice. You can find more information and make a donation here.


Keith Flint took his own life at his Essex home in March this year. He was 49.

Earlier this week, artist Chris Barker paid tribute to the singer by featuring him in a reworking of the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ cover art. The design contains a host of pop culture figures who died this year.