The hip hop star could be released on parole in May, having been sentenced to 39 months in 1998 for assaulting a minor...

KEITH MURRAY, the MC and associate of rappers such as REDMAN and ERIC SERMON, could be released early from his prison sentence for assaulting a minor in a Connecticut bar, according to stories from the US.

Murray, who was sentenced to 39 months in prison in 1998, could be paroled in May, it is claimed by [url=] In return for dropping a lawsuit seeking a new trial, Judge James Graham, who sent Murray to jail in Hartford, Connecticut, has decided to shave several months off his sentence.

Murray was convicted of second-degree assault, after a jury found him guilty of hitting a 16-year-old, David Hughes, over the head with a barstool in 1995. Though he has constantly pleaded his innocence and even presented the authorities with two witnesses who claimed to have been bribed into giving false testimonies at his trial, he had to pay $75,000 in damages, after being sued by the Hughes family.