Keith Richards on the time he stabbed a knife in a table to ‘get rid of’ Donald Trump

The Rolling Stone wasn't happy with his sponsorship

The Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards has discussed an incident in which he ‘stuck a knife in a table’ in order to ‘get rid of’ Donald Trump as the promoter of one of their shows.

The guitarist and rock veteran was speaking to the BBC about the band’s ‘Steel Wheels Tour in 1989, when the band found themselves corporately tied to the future US President.

“He [Trump] was the promoter for us in Atlantic City,” said Richards. “[It was billed as] ‘Donald Trump presents the Rolling Stones’ [with the band’s name written in miniature].”


Richards continued: “I got out my trusty blade, stuck it in the table and said: ‘You have to get rid of this man!'”

“Now America has to get rid of him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Meanwhile, frontman Mick Jagger also spoke out about the UK Government’s handling of the Brexit situation.

“I’m not really happy with the status quo,” said Jagger. “In the UK I think we’re going through a difficult moment. It’s very hard to understand all the difficulties we’re having with Brexit.

“The current government seems to be having a very hard time to navigate through it. Everyone would like to see a fast resolution and a united front rather than a split.”


Jagger also recently revealed that he was currently working on new material for the band.

“I’m just writing,” he said. “It is mostly for the Stones at the moment.”

“I don’t really think about what I have written, much. I just keep ploughing forward, really.”

The Rolling Stones’ UK tour kicks off May 22 at London Stadium. Visit here for tickets and more information.

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