Bloc Party’s Kele swaps his clothes with T In The Park crowd

Band leader-turned-solo-star gets a new look at festival

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke was treated to a shower of clothing by fans at his Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage slot at T In The Park.

Kele‘s solo set began to the strains of Gary Numan, with the singer dressed in green Gucci sweater plus a red trucker cap and jeans, but before the end of opener ‘Walk Tall’ he’d acquired a new, neon yellow cap from a member of security at the front of the stage.

“My name is Kele and this is my band and this is our first Scottish show,” he announced, to chants of “Kele! Kele!”


After an intense rendition of ‘On The Lam’ he asked the crowd, “Would you like this hat back or would you like to swap?” before giving the cap-donating security guard his own hat. “You have to wear it to the side, though, that’s what the cool kids do.”

Following ‘The Other Side’, a fan tossed the jacket from a Santa suit onto the stage. “Isn’t it a bit earlier for Christmas?” the singer queried. “I’d put it on, but I have very sensitive skin and this looks a bit cheap,” he added, before jokey boos from the crowd forced him to concede.

‘Everything You Wanted’ proved an emotive highlight, before an unexpected surprise for Bloc Party fans.

“As some of you may know, I used to… I still do play in another band. This is for any fans of that band,” Kele announced before launching into a pumped-up medley of ‘Blue Light’, The Prayer’ and ‘One More Chance’.

“You like that, T In The Park?” he asked. “I think you’re gonna like this too. Come on, you fuckers!” He then following it with the lead single from his album ‘The Boxer’, ‘Tenderoni’.

Kele played:
‘Walk Tall’
‘On The Lam’
‘The Other Side’
‘Everything You Wanted’
‘Blue Light / The Prayer / One More Chance’
‘Yesterday’s Gone’
‘Your Visits Are Getting Shorter’
‘Unholy Thoughts’


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