Listen to Kele Okereke’s new song ‘The Sea Between Us’ from upcoming play ‘Leave To Remain’

The production will debut at London's The Lyric Hammersmith on January 18

Kele Okereke has shared a new solo song ‘The Sea Between Us’ ahead of the premiere of the Bloc Party frontman’s co-written play Leave To Remain.

Written with screenwriter Matt Jones, Leave To Remain has been described as “a modern love story”. “Obi (played by Tyrone Huntley) and Alex (Billy Cullum) are a young gay couple leading busy London lives,” a short synopsis for the play reads. “When Alex’s visa comes into question, their relationship takes a turn. Marriage is an option, but the timing isn’t perfect, and it means confronting their families and their pasts.”

Leave To Remain will premiere at the Lyric Hammersmith on January 18 (where it’ll run until February 16), and a new trailer for the production has been released today. Soundtracked by the Kele track ‘The Sea Between Us’, you can watch the clip below.


A full soundtrack for Leave To Remain – including the previously-released ‘Not The Drugs Talking’ – will be released on January 24.

Speaking about his inspirations for writing the play and the music, Kele said: “Leave to Remain is the story of what happens when a marriage forces two very different families to come together.

“For the music for this project I took cues from the records that my parents would play in our house when I was growing up, West African high-life music, and I tried to combine those sounds with the electronic dance music I hear in clubs today. It was important to me to make something that represented the meeting of two very different worlds.”