Kelis arrested in bizarre Miami incident

Star is accused of 'disrupting' an undercover police operation

Kelis was arrested in Miami in the early hours of Friday morning (March 2) following a bizarre incident when she was accused of disrupting an undercover police operation.

The star was detained at 4.30am and charged on two public disorder counts, accused of screaming racial profanities and rushing toward two female police officers posing as prostitutes on Miami Beach.

The singer was released on $1,500 bail hours later, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade County jail said.

According to Billboard, the arrest report said the officers were posing as prostitutes along a main avenue in the South Beach nightclub district when Kelis started screaming racial profanities at them. She then rushed toward them and had to be restrained by her friends, the report said.

It also claimed Kelis calmed down for a few seconds, but then started shouting at the officers and charged them again. She resisted arrest while being handcuffed.

Kelis’ American publicist Tracy Nguyen wouldn’t comment on the arrest.