But there's no way you're gonna get her to stop smoking weed - even though she narrowly escaped arrest for smoking a satisfying joint in the street recently...

KELIS has spoken to NME.COM about her reasons for putting her ecstasy taking on hold, and revealed that she narrowly escaped arrest for smoking marijuana near her home in NEW YORK last year.

Admitting she is still “an avid weed smoker,” she said she cut down her ecstasy intake after two friends ended up in hospital after taking the drug, and outlined three reasons why she no longer rates it.

“Number one, you’ll never get a high like the first time, so you’re constantly searching for a high you can’t reach.


“Number two, I have friends that do E every day and I’ve seen the bad effects it can have. Without being totally raunchy, niggers can’t even get their dicks hard after using E for a while.

“Number three, I don’t want to be relying on something to make me feel happy or euphoric – I want to be in control of my own emotions.”

Admitting that she has not vowed to give up completely, she went on to describe some of the effects the “nasty experiences” of E had on her friends: “I’m not saying I’ll never do it again – I don’t believe in saying never about anything. But those experiences scared the crap out of me. One of those friends has never been the same since and the other is now completely paranoid and hallucinates all the time. I take both as a warning signs.”

Talking of the time she had to plead with an officer after being caught smoking dope two blocks from her Harlem home, Kelis revealed: “I was lucky, I managed to talk my way out of it. But the whole thing seems completely ridiculous.

“Right now there are neighbourhoods in New York where children don’t get decent schooling, teenagers are shooting each other and people get turned away from hospitals because they don’t have enough health-care, and the police are still being sent out in patrol cars to cruise the streets and look for people smoking joints. What a total waste of time and resources.”

She also took the opportunity to question US President George W. Bush’s drugs policy, describing him as “a fucking moron.” She added: “It’s like having a totally dysfunctional human being running the country. Who the fuck voted for this person? I don’t think he gives a shit about the drug problems in America because the people they affect aren’t his class most of the time. What does infuriate me, though, is the amount of money spent on policing the streets.”